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When my CD matured, they charge me a $25 fee for closing the account and taking a check for the balance. When I said I had never experienced this before, they told me it was disclosed in the paperwork that I got when I opened the CD. This, to me, was hiding the fact, and I should have been told this by the rep opening my account at the time. This is very poor customer service, and I would be loathe to open another account with them, even if... Read more

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I recently had two home mortgages refinanced and New York Community Bank of Cleveland, OH bought them both. My complaint is simple. Like many borrowers, my wife and I use the grace period to pay our mortgages (i.e. the loan is due on the first of the month but you have to pay by the 16th to avoid a late payment). EVERY MONTH, if the payment is not received by the first of the month, I receive a harassing call (on my company cell phone... Read more

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I'm trying to order checks online. It won't work. I emailed customer service. If you haven't ordered checks before (I've had the account for years and I wouldn't use this bank if my husband's paycheck wasn't drawn on it.) You need to contact customer service. I called the number and was unable to speak to a live person. I finally got to the prompt to order checks. They asked for the routing number on my check THAT I DO NOT HAVE. They suck, don't... Read more

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The vast majority of these fees were under $40 and many were doubled down on the same issue. Their overdraft protection is a joke and lack of social networking shows they’re afraid of criticism. I just exported my data and did the math for the first time. Avoid them at all costs!! I used to think using a local bank was helpful; never again! The local service isn’t what it was in years past, but now corporate acts like they’re something they... Read more

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Worst bank ever, every person customer service to execs are clueless, amazing they have jobs, DO NOT EVER GIVE THIS BANK YOUR MONEY OR BUSINESS, you will be sorry

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AmTrust/New York Community Bank I just opened an online money market account because of the yield they advertise. I made an initial deposit, and had no news at all. I could not register/login to their website, though my money was already debited from the other bank. Apparently, one has absolutely no access to their website at the beginning, even though the money is already there. I called, and they told me to wait another 24-48h. Well, when my... Read more

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my mother has been a custmor of newyork commuity bank for many years my mom is 76 years old and speak no english.they were sending her statment which she never read because of course she speak no english,i now have power of attorney so going through her stuff on line i find out that they were charging her very month 15.00 dollar return mail i dont know how long have this been going on. i spoke to someone in the bank who told me it was... Read more

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I have an account at NYCB in Bayonne, New Jersey, I have online access to my account, so before I make a purchase I make sure and check my balances at all times... I made two credit purchases on 1/17/10. I had a balance of 309.68, my first purchase was for 53.62 which should then leave me a balance of 256.06, my second purchase about 7.30pm that day was for 247.90 which is more that enough in my account... Somehow the bank charged me a 33.00... Read more

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